Mixed-Orientation Marriage Pathways to Success

Readings for Couples in a Mixed-Orientation Marriage Seeking a Positive Outcome.

Mixed-orientation marriages and relationships that feature couples with variations in their sexuality can be wonderful successful relationships. Mixed-Orientation Marriage Pathways to Success is a free online ebook  written specifically for couples who are themselves in a mixed orientation marriage and those who counsel them who are interested in a personal narrative about mixed orientation marriage issues and relationship dynamics written from a positive we can do this success perspective . It is written in a pull up a chair and chat a spell with a friend who cares style. I include observations and strategies from my personal experience to help overcome some of the challenges that are common in marriages where same sex attraction is discovered later in the relationship. To read online simply go to mixedorientation.com and follow the chapter list in the table of contents menu.

If you are a straight spouse who has recently discovered your husband is bisexual or you are a bisexual husband who has recently come out to your wife perhaps something here can help you find the strategies needed to make your marriage a success. While our site is most suited for mixed-orientation couples with a bisexual husband a lot of the mixed-orientation relationship dynamics I write about will also be relevant to couples with a gay husband or bisexual wife or lesbian wife or one of the many other variations of mixed orientation marriage.

Mixed-orientation  relationships can be complicated and many may not survive the dynamics neccessary to make them work but some not only survive they become wonderful vibrant relationships. Bisexual, lesbian, and gay husbands, wives and partners need to be loved and love just as much as anyone else yet sometimes the person we fall in love with and want to spend our life with does not share our same sexual orientation, ideas about gender identity or interests in sexual expression.We provide a positive pathways to success example of how we make our mixed-orientation relationship work to offset all the negative information about mixed-orientation marriages that seems to permeate our society. We are here to provide a voice saying mixed orientation marriages can be fabulous.


Mixed-Orientation Marriage : Pathways to Success is only 50 or so 8 1/2 by 11 equivalent pages. It is free with  no ads and no solicitations. My motivation is simple; I want  a happier,  kinder and  gentler world for mixed-orientation marriage couples.  To read for free online click  here to be taken to the entire online ebook at mixedorientation.com.






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Livingfabulous.org contains writings that are a reflection of my own personal experience and observations. While I have spent over 40 years studying human relations and sexuality as well as a lifetime of experience living with my own variations in gender and sexual orientation I am NOT a licensed or credentialed mental health professional. I am just a regular guy with a story to tell and experiences to share. I recommend anyone who is struggling with issues regarding a mixed orientation relationship, gender identity or sexual orientation seek the guidance of an experienced professional counselor.

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