Helping people better understand bisexuality and variations in gender identity  has been a passion of mine since I taught my first college human relations and sexuality discussion group back in 1976. My lifetime interest in variations in sexual orientation and  how  bisexuality can affect relationships with those we love has motivated me to share what I have learned to help make this a kinder, gentler world for all who follow.

While I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts about bisexuality,gender diversity, and mixed-orientation marriage in my writings  over the years I have found, that at least in my experience ,  this complex and often misunderstood aspect of human nature is better suited to the give and take of a more individualized spoken conversation. My focus going forward will be on one-on-one conversations, facilitated group discussions and an occasional volunteer guest lecture at New England area conferences, colleges, and universities.  I continue to be interested in volunteer opportunities to speak with psychologists and relationship counselors about  bisexuality and  mixed-orientation marriage and relationship dynamics because I believe my positive pathways to success  approach offers increased opportunities for personal  happiness. I wish to thank the many people who have written me over the years as your kind comments have made my efforts feel worthwhile.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL VISITORS TO OUR SITE. contains writings that are a reflection of my own personal experience and observations. While I have a lifetime of experience dealing with my own variations in gender and sexual orientation I am NOT a licensed or credentialed mental health professional. I am just a regular guy with a story to tell and experiences to share. I recommend anyone who is struggling with issues regarding a mixed orientation relationship, gender identity or sexual orientation seek the guidance of an experienced professional counselor.

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