Welcome to Living Fabulous,  a home for my  writings and reflections on my hopes for  a kinder gentler world for bisexuals and others  living with variations in sexual orientation and gender identity and those who love us.

Writing about our  sexual orientation and gender identity  is  extremely personal in nature and not something that is usually shared but I have discovered that a lot of the challenges I have faced in learning to  celebrate my own bisexual orientation and bigender gender identity is a result of people  that don’t understand us.  Society likes to place us in nice neat boxes, gay OR straight  and  male OR  female but not everyone is born that way.

My goal here and through my educational outreach  is to create compassion and empathy through understanding  so we can learn to accept and love one another as exactly the person we were created to be.  I hope something here helps make our world a kinder gentler place for all who stop by.

 Mixed Orientation Marriages and  Relationships.

Bisexuals  need to love and be loved just like anyone else and mixed orientation relationships affect every aspect of a bisexuals relationship with others.  Mixed orientation  relationships   can present unique challenges but I believe mixed orientation marriages and relationships  have the potential to be wonderful vibrant relationships. My current educational outreach and  focus on the dynamics of successful mixed orientation relationships  is on one on one  and small group discussions, guest lectures,  and presentations to small groups in the New England Area. Contact me at mark@livingfabulous.org  for more information.

We offer additional resources for newcomers to mixed orientation marriages and  relationships at mixedorientation.com